Monday, September 06, 2010

Boys Club Minutes ( 2010 )

Date: September 1, 2010

Attendance: Renee Ades, Debbie Kuhl, Leslie Balzer, Tricia Goebel, Amy Brodie Absent: Roger Brandner, Lisa Werner, Megan Nedza.

Call meeting to order: Amy Brodie Time: 6:35pm

Reading of minutes from the previous meeting: Renee Ades

Treasurers report: Presented by Tricia Goebel, Treasurer. Balance as of 10/1/10 6,749.08. Deposits included football fees. Debits not yet shown include checks to Badger Athletics for football equipment and Design one for clothing ordered.

Committee Reports:

Football: New assistant coach to 5th grade awaiting background check. A 5th coach was added due to the 1 coach to 5 player ratio.

Unfinished Business:

Terry Pease did accept the 5th grade assistant coaching position.

Design one clothing that was ordered is ready for pick up. This included practice jerseys for 4th grade, t-shirts for all players, coaches shirts and ordered items from parents/fans.

New Business:

Must make amendments to the current by-laws to include the background check for all coaches and for the 5 to 1 ratio we are now honoring.

The concession schedule has been made and Tricia will distribute to all parents.

The refs for all home football games have been contacted. The head ref will receive $35.00 per game and the 2-3 additional refs per game will receive $25.00 each. Amy will provide the head ref with rules and changes to league rules this year.

Next meeting: October 6, 2010 at 6:30 in the high school cafeteria

Close meeting: Renee Ades Adjourned: 7:25p

Minutes entered by: Renee Ades, Secretary

Date: 8/11/2010

Attendance: Lisa Werner, Tricia Goebel, Amy Brodie, Roger Brandner,

Leslie Balzer, Taber Hodgson. Absent: Renee Ades, Debbie Kuhl

Call meeting to order: Amy Brodie Time: 6:35pm

Reading of minutes from the previous meeting: Copy unavailable to review

Treasurers report: Not given.

Committee Reports:

*discussion to approach school board again to get permission to let kids know at school about upcoming boys club events.

*Porta Potty has been delivered to the football practice fields. Amy Spoke with Mr. Kamrath about having bathrooms opened for boys club. Renee put in request form for the bathrooms on practice nights.

*Opened discussion for helping families financially with registration expense.

*T-shirt sizes need to be gotten during weigh ins and equipment handout to place order to design one.

Unfinished Business:

*Roger Brandner has offered to help contact Bret Achterberg about refs for the home football games.

*Tricia is heading up concession sign ups for the home games.

*Coach Haynes asked the boys club to limit practice time on the scrimmage field and when using it to practice plays move around.

*Motion carried to order Go Dogs Shirts this year for the football players.

New Business:
*Roger and Leslie reported on coaches meeting held in Baraboo Aug. 8th and that things we are stressing on our league are the same as the Baraboo league.

*Rod Osterhaus has stepped down as coach. Roger offered coaching position to Terry Pease by phone. We have not yet heard back from him.

*Coaches are as follows:

6th grade: Head Coach: Kyle Ades

Assistants: JT Holtan and Joe VanderWerff

5th grade: Head Coach: Brad Henke

Assistants: Greg Gmeinder and Mark Werner

Pending: Terry Pease

4th grade: Head Coach: Ron Wolf

Assistant : Mr. Zupke and Don Johnson

Next meeting: September 1, 2010

Close meeting: Amy Brodie Adjourned: 7:40pm

Minutes entered by: Leslie Balzer

Date: July 7,2010

Attendance: Mike Haynes, Roger Brandner, Kyle Ades, Renee Ades, Amy Brodie, Debbie Kuhl, Lisa Werner, Tricia Goebel, Leslie Balzer.

Absent: Ryan Read, Megan Nedza

Call meeting to order: Amy Brodie second Roger Brandner Time: 6:32 pm

Reading of minutes from the previous meeting: Renee Ades

Treasurers report: Tricia Goebel

Beginning Balance $4221.80

Last month expenses $1828.86

Last month deposit $1215.19

Current Balance $3,608.13

Committee Reports:

Newsletter: Debbie Kuhl will begin work on next one with Basketball information. The letter will be distributed after the football season is under way.

Unfinished Business:

The brat fry was a success making $397.19

Many board members made it to work although only 2 volunteer parents showed up. Need to communicate better next year to get me help.

Both Major and Minor baseball seasons are under way with no concerns.

New Business:

Mike Haynes invited to speak to the board about the upcoming football season. He encourages teaching, fundamentals and sportsmanship. He suggested keeping the season short to keep interest in young players. Using the varsity field should be limited to keep it special and something to look forward to. He will assist the board in planning a night game under the lights this year. We are to provide Mike with a young bulldogs schedule and he will help coordinate the upkeep of the practice field for Saturday games.

He also encouraged a parents meeting and no child be able to practice until both the athlete and the parent attend a meeting. Also said a parent/athlete letter of expectations should be signed to hold all accountable for the expectations. Discussed with him the difficulty dealing with upset parents. It is important to encourage parents not to approach a coach after a game and they should request a time to meet and discuss issues. He will assist with the coaches meeting and share 10 foundational plays for the coaches to incoorporate into practice.

Roger Brandner, Leslie Balzer and 6th grade coach Kyle Ades will attend the coaches meeting representing Pardeeville at the Baraboo Youth League meeting. The head coaches for 4th and 5th grade will also be invited to attend. All head coaches will be established by the first week in August. The meeting will be August 8th at 5:30 at the Baraboo High School.

Mailings to 4th grade parents will be sent out or phone contacts will be made to inform them of the upcoming season. Little interest attended the first sign up.

Roger has volunteered to draft the parent/athlete commitment letter. He will also be conducting background checks on all head coaches and assistant coaches. Coaches will be limited to 3 each squad or roughly 1 coach per 5 players.

The board will be signing parents up for concessions this year rather than having parents sign up themselves. There has been many parents not volunteering for this and we need to encourage others to participate. A discussion for a fee if they don’t show up for their scheduled time was discussed.

Renee will contact Shawn Mecum for contact information to Badger Sports to order needed football equipment. 7 balls, ice packs, 11 tail pads are needed.


Next meeting: August 11th, 2010 in the High School Cafeteria

Close meeting: Amy Brodie second Roger Brandner. Adjourned: 7:59pm

Minutes entered by: Renee Ades, Secretary


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