Monday, September 06, 2010

Parent / Child Code of Conduct Policy

Pardeeville Boys Club Youth Football Code of Conduct Policy

Participant: _____________________________________

As a member of the Pardeeville Boys Club Youth Football, I will conduct myself in an acceptable manner, displaying sportsmanship to teammates and opponents on and off the field. I will respect and obey the rules established by the Boys Club, my coaches, the officials, and parents/guardians at practice and at games. I understand that unsportsmanlike conduct and/or unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated and could result in a reduction of playing time or possible termination from the football program.

Signature:  ___________________________              Date:.__________________________

Parent/Guardian: ______________________________

As a Parent/Guardian of a football player in the Pardeeville Boys Club Youth Football program, I will promote and enforce the Code of Conduct Policy. Teaching our children the sport of football and to compete with sportsmanship and support of fellow teammates is our #1 goal. Coaches and parents/guardians are expected to lead by example, supporting and encouraging the children as influential role models to all members of our club.

As a Parent/Guardian, I take responsibility to return uniforms, apparel and equipment to the Boys Club at the end of the season in acceptable "normal wear condition". I understand that I will be subject to a charge for the replacement of all articles needing to be replaced due to negligence or if not returned.

Signature: __________________________    
Date: _________________


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