Friday, October 22, 2010

October Minutes

Date: October 6, 2010

Attendance: Amy Brodie, Renee Ades, Tricia Goebel, Lisa Werner, Megan Nedza, Leslie Balzer, Debbie Kuhl Absent: Roger Brandner.

Call meeting to order: Amy Brodie Time: 6:00p

Reading of minutes from the previous meeting: Renee Ades. Minutes approved.

Treasurers report: Tricia Goebel

Beginning Balance 6/22/10 $3065.80

Ending Balance 10/6/10 $5,672.10

Committee Reports:

Debbie Kuhl will work on Newsletter to be handed out at the football banquet. Key points will include the beginning of basketball season.

Unfinished Business:

Football banquet will be November 1st in the High School Cafeteria from 6-8p. The cafeteria is reserved from 5-9p. The board will supply Arby’s roast beef, hot dogs, milk and lemonade.

4th grade- fruit and vegtables
5th grade- desserts
6th grade- chips

Equipment hand in for football will be Sunday October 24th from 2-3pm at the football shed. Deposit money will be returned to those that return all equipment in good condition.

New Business:

Kent Falstad presented on a fundraising opportunity call NewVizzion. This is an internet based fundraiser in which supporters can access the website and order on line. This would eliminate the need for door to door sales and it can be accessed all year long. The Boys Club would get 50% of the commission. All items are shipped directly to the buyer. Kent would set up our account and monitor with no start up fees to the Boys Club. A motion made to support this fundraising opportunity and motion carried 7-0.

A concerned 5th grade parent approached the board to express concerns of playing time and rotation. Not only are there concerns regarding football but this was seen in basketball as well. She feels limited playing time is really effecting the emotional well being of the child. Her child was not played in the football game until the 4th quarter. There are 26 children on the team and 12 to 13 of these are getting the majority of the playing time. It was encouraged that kids get a chance now as to build skills. It was also encouraged that coaches be held accountable to see that all the children are treated fairly.

The board reviewed the coaches expectations hand out and it was clearly stated that all playing time be equal as well as stressing this is a learning experience. The coach had been approached earlier in the week and noticeable changes had been made the next game. The board will continue to communicate better with coaches and monitor playing time so all are given the chance to develop their skills.

Ryan Read, Joe Tomlinson and Pam Bauer were present to begin looking into the upcoming basketball season. They have offered to assist with the organization of the home tournaments. The tournaments will be one day on a Saturday with 8 teams. It was recommended that 2 WIAA officials work each game especially in the 7th and 8th grade tournaments. A motion was made to adopt this suggestion and it carried 7-0. To cover the increased cost of the refs at the 7th and 8th grade level the tournament entry fee will be raised from $125 to $150 per team. 4th -6th grade teams will have 1-2 WIAA officials and the cost will remain at $125 per team. 1st and 2nd place teams will receive a trophy and all other teams will receive a participation medal. There will also be a free throw and 3 point contest. Joe will develop an invitation to send to various teams as well as post it on our blog and AAU teams will not be allowed to participate. Dates for home tournaments will be set at a later date.

Tricia and Debbie will attend the Quad League meeting on Wednesday October 13th in Portage. We will continue to participate in Saturday games thru this league for 4th-6th grade teams.

Preliminary basketball sign ups will be held informally on Tuesday October 12th from 5:15 -6:00 to start getting numbers for the upcoming season. This sign up will be at the football practice fields. A second sign up will be on November 1st from 5:00-6:00 at the high school cafeteria. Announcements will be made at the grade school and middle school and football coaches will send home flyers to inform those participating in football. Fees and waivers will be due when uniforms are handed out. The fee will remain the same $50 to play and a $50 deposit on the uniform which will be returned when the uniform is handed in. A motion was made to reduce the coaches fees by half. This motion was carried 7-0. The fee for coaches children will be $25. The deposit will remain the same at $50.

Coaches that are interested in the upcoming season:

4th grade -
5th grade - Ryan Read and Mark Werner
6th grade - Scott Goebel
7th grade -
8th grade - Joe Tomlinson and Pam Bauer

Next meeting: November 3, 2010

Close meeting: Amy Brodie, Vice President Adjourned: 7:50p

Minutes entered by: Renee Ades, Secretary


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