Sunday, July 22, 2007

July 2007 meeting minutes

Pardeeville Boys Club Minutes
July 11, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 6:00pm by President, Russ Knutson. Those in attendance were, Russ Knutson, Chris Johnson, Judy Thurston, Randy Schulte, Shawn Mecuum and Chuck Wais.

July 4th Brat Fry:

Boys Club held its annual Brat Fry again this year at Mike’s Auto on the corner of Main St. & Chestnut St. It was a great success again this year. The Club raised about $575 this year. We had great turn out of people. Thanks to all the members, their spouses and children for all the help. We sold out of pretty much everything we had.

For next year we need:
More water
Get lemonade to sell
Make sure we have enough buns for the number of hotdogs and brats that we have
Possibly have a second grill

Football Updates:

Football sign up date will be Wednesday, August 8th from 6p – 7p at the High School weight room. Waiver forms will be available for parents to fill out. Waiver forms need to be filled out and turned in by the first practice in order for the child to participate in practices. Any questions regarding football or sign up please contact Shawn Mecuum at 429-9421.

Coaches for the upcoming season will be as Follows:

4th Grade: Joe from Cambria
Steve Ohlin
Shawn Mecuum

5th / 6th Grade: Chuck wais
Mike Ives
Shad Thurston
Randy Schulte
Chad Hoff

First practice for the 5th / 6th grade team will be Monday, August 13th a 5:30pm. First practice for the 4th grade team will be Tuesday, August 14th at 5:30pm. The 5th / 6th grade team will practice Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. The 4th grade team will practice Tuesday and Thursday. All waiver forms MUST be completed and turned in by the first practice in order to participate. We will also be having weigh-ins the night of your first practice. Anyone close and wanting to re-weigh we will have that toward the end of August.

Equipment hand out will be Sunday, August 19th at 6:00pm at the storage area / press box. All fees and deposits are due that night. Anyone who can’t make it Sunday will get there equipment at the next practice. Boys Club will be selling any old practice pants that we have left. The cost will be $10.00, which includes pants and a set of pads. They will be available to purchase the night of equipment hand out.

Fees for 2007 Football season will be: $75 to play and $75 deposit for equipment, Boys Club prefers that parents write two separate checks, the one for the deposit won’t be cashed.

Each Coach will receive a hat and polo shirt for coaching. Chuck Wais is going to work on new design for the coaches shirts. Each child that signs up and pays to play football will receive a Boys Club t-shirt. All 4th graders will also receive one yellow practice jersey. Russ Knutson will take care of ordering the t-shirts and practice jersey that we will need. We will also be getting more t-shirts and sweatshirts to sell. We took an inventory of what we currently have and Russ will put in an order for what is needed.

Russ Knutson will take care of contacting Country Plumber and getting a port-a-potty at the field. Randy Schulte will get in contact with Bret Achteburg about setting up officials for our home games. Chris Johnson will put together team rosters once all the waiver forms are in and get the lists back to the coaches.

Boys Club will be selling the Football Mania cards again this year. They will be available for the entire NFL season. The cost will be $20 a card, Shawn Mecuum is in charge of organizing it this year. Shawn will report back at the August Meeting on this.

At the next meeting the Boys Club Board will be going through the storage shed and organizing the football equipment for the upcoming season and seeing what things need to be ordered.

Meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting is set for Wednesday, August 1st at 6:00pm at the storage shed.

Submitted by: Chris Johnson, Secretary


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