Sunday, December 05, 2010

November minutes

Pardeeville Boys Club Agenda

Date: November 10, 2010

Attendance: Debbie Kuhl, Lisa Werner, Roger Brandner, Ryan Read, Amy Brodie, Leslie Balzer, Tricia Goebel, Renee Ades, Pam Bauer, Joe Tomlinson.

Call meeting to order: Amy Brodie Time: 6:00p

Reading of minutes from the previous meeting: Renee Ades

Treasurers report:

Ending Balance as of 10/6/10: $5,225.07

Self Audit of Treasury books completed. Reviewed all expenses and deposits. All receipts accompanied the expenses. Motion made to approve the books. Motion carried 7-0. Tricia Goebel, treasurer sustained from the vote.

Committee Reports:


Pam Bauer and Joe Tomlinson present to discuss tournaments. Dates are set January 15, 2011 for 7th and 8th grade and January 29th for 4th-6th grade. Each grade level will be limited to 8 teams on a first come first serve basis. Motion made to give trophies to 1st and 2nd place teams and participation medals to all remaining teams. Motion carried 7-0. Renee will take care of contacting Larry’s Trophies in Portage to order the trophies. Also, Pam and Joe asked to have a 3 point contest for 7th and 8th grade and a free throw contest for all grades. The board approved and trophies will also be ordered for first place and second place winners of these contests.

League games are set for grades 4th-6th. When they play at home we need to provide one WIAA official and one other official of high school age or older. Pay will be $20 and $15 respectively. Ryan will be responsible for getting refs for all home league games Dec. 18th, Jan. 8th, and Feb 12th as well as tournaments.

Practices will start the week of November 15th. Coaches are set as follows:

4th grade - Donn Johnson and Joe Tomlinson (will help as able)

5th grade- Ryan Read (Team One)

Mark Werner and Aaron Zuhlke (Team Two)

6th grade- Scott Goebel and Kyle Ades

7th Grade-

8th Grade- Joe Tomlinson and Pam Bauer.

Uniform handout will be Sunday November 14th in the High School cafeteria. No fees will result in no uniform. Times will be from 2:00-4:00.

Tricia Goebel has practice schedules approved thru the first week of December. She will continue to work on the schedules for December-February.

Debbie is in charge of concession sign ups for all tournaments and league games. There will be a full concessions for all tournaments and league games on Dec. 18th and Jan. 8th.

Amy will go to Badger Sporting goods to buy basketball supplies needed.

Unfinished Business:

Football: There are still two outstanding football uniforms. Both parents will be called and given until Dec. 1st to return them. If not returned on or before this date their deposit checks will be cashed.

One football Jersey was not returned as it was lost. A motion was made for $40.00 to be taken out of this deposit to cover the expense. The remaining $35 of the deposit will be returned.

The football banquet was a success with one recommendation to have a microphone for the coaches when speaking.

New Business:

Next meeting: December 1st, 2010 in the High School Cafeteria

Close meeting: Renee Ades Adjourned: 7:20p

Minutes entered by: Renee Ades, Secretary


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