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September 07 meeting minutes

Pardeeville Boys Club Minutes
September 5, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 6:00pm by President Russ Knutson. Those in attendance were Russ Knutson, Judy Thurston, Vicki Griepentrop, Shawn Mecum, Chuck Wais, and Randy Schulte.

Football Updates:

Game schedules are out; there was a change to one of the 4th grade games. The Oct 6th game time was changed to 10:30am. Shawn will take care of notifying the players and parents.

For next year we need to start to think of a better way to notify the players when practice will start. We will continue to toss ideas around until next season. Randy Schulte took care of contacting Bret Achterberg for officials for the home games. We have a total of 8 home games this year between the two teams.

It was decided to run concessions for all of the double games that are played at home; there are 4 of them this year. Vicki will take care of getting the food and Judy will work on the scheduling of parents to work. We will try to have the 5th/6th grade parents work during the 4th grade game and the 4th grade parents work during the 5th/6th grade game. We figured 2-3 people at the most at a time and only having to work 1 half of the game. Dates for the double home games are 9-15, 9-22, 9-29 and 10-20.

It was also decided to have the kids play on the big field at the 9-15 game. The high school team is not at home that week and the other weeks in Sept they are.

Football Mania – Russ wanted to know if we wanted to keep doing this fund raiser next year. Is it really worth the work? We are to think about it and we will address the issue again next season.

Basketball Updates:

Russ has already been getting questions as to when our tournaments are going to be, He has set aside dates. Jan 12th & 13th will be the 7th & 8th grade and Jan 26th & 27th will have to be for 4th, 5th & 6th. Russ is planning on running a 2 day tournament, 8th grade on the 12th and 7th grade on the 13th. What ever we want to do for the others is up to us. On these dates both the MS and HS gyms are available, not sure about the Elementary.

Meeting with Organizations and the School:

Vicki went to the meeting with the school in regards to the school charging for using school facilities. For Boys Club purposes, we would be considered a Class 2. Right now they are thinking of charging for classroom, gym, and cafeteria and kitchen usage. Depending on what you use will depend on the cost. This is not going to take place this year but the school district is really thinking of putting this in the plan for next year. There is going to be more discussion this and Vicki stated she will find out when the next meeting is and attend it.

Meeting was adjourned and the next meeting will be on Oct 3rd at 6:00pm in Phil’s room.

Minutes submitted by:
Judy Thurston, Vice President


  • Could I please be given a link to the 4th Grade Football Schedule/game location or be emailed a copy?


    Mike Brodie

    Suggestion: Place a link on the blog for any athletic schedule(s) and/or html for showing schedule(s) on a separate web page.

    By Blogger Sergeant America, at 2:37 PM  

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