Wednesday, February 09, 2011

January 2011 minutes

Pardeeville Boys Club Agenda

Date: January 5, 2011

Attendance: Leslie Balzer, Tricia Goebel, Amy Brodie, Renee Ades, Megan Nedza, Lisa Werner. Absent: Roger Brandner

Call meeting to order: Amy Brodie, Vice President Time: 6:30pm

Reading of minutes from the previous meeting: Renee Ades, Secretary

Treasurers report: Tricia Goebel, Treasurer

Beginning Balance 12/1/10: $6,739.39

Ending Balance 1/5/11: $5,521.94

Committee Reports: Newsletter: No news

Pam Bauer has 6 teams registered for the tournament on 1/15/11. There were not enough entries for 7th grade. It will be bracketed with an intermission for lunch and for the 3 point/free throw contest. All refs and concessions are in place. All trophies have been picked up and ready to go.

Debbie Kuhl will be in charge and run concessions at the tournament.

Unfinished Business:

Ryan Read has been contacted and has refs in place for the tournament on 1/15/11.

Payment was received from the family still needing to pay for football. Payment was also received for the lost football jersey. Both cases are now closed.

There are six 8th grade teams and four 4th grade teams registered for the tournament on 1/29/11. No 6th grade teams have responded. Pam will set up all the brackets and Ryan will set up the refs. Tricia is in charge of concessions. Renee will be responsible for the trophies.

New Business:

The basketball banquet date has been requested early March . All details to follow.

Nominations for board and committee members will take place at the banquet. Those interested need to contact the board.

Next meeting: Feb. 2, 2011

Close meeting: Renee Ades, Secretary Adjourned: 7:45p

Minutes entered by: Renee Ades, Secretary


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