Wednesday, April 05, 2006

April 06 Boys Club Meeting Minutes

Pardeeville Boys Club Minutes
April 4, 2006

The meeting was called to order at 6:00pm by President, Russ Knutson. Those in attendance were, Russ Knutson, Judy Thurston, Chris Johnson and Randy Schulte.

Old Business:

2005-2006 Basketball Season has come to an end. We ended the season with a banquet. At the banquet elections of officers was held. The elected offices are as follows:

President – Russ Knutson
Vice President – Judy Thurston
Secretary – Chris Johnson
Treasurer – Vicki Griepentrog
Directors – Dan Slade
Randy Schulte
Shawn Mecuum

The issue of the gym floor, the school is going to try and get an aggressive cleaner to try and clean the floor really well before sealing it this year. As far as the lighting in the gym it seems that it has been fixed.

New Business:

There was discussion about the Boys Club purchasing portable bleachers for the Middle School Gym. Russ Knutson was going to look into prices of the bleachers and report back at the next meeting. Everyone was in favor of making the purchase but needed to know the price before we make a commitment.

Boys Club is having pre-football weigh-ins for anyone interested in playing football this coming season. Weigh-ins will be Tuesday, May16, 2006 at the High School Weight Room. We will be there from 6pm – 8pm that evening. This is for anyone who will be in grades 4th – 6th next year. If you are interested in playing or coaching next season and can’t make the weigh-ins contact Russ Knutson at 429-3977.

A check in the amount of $97.82 was received as a refund from the Suburban Youth Football League. The League is no longer in existence and a refund was given to the teams that were currently in the league. A new Football League was formed and Pardeeville Boys Club will be part of that league. There will be more information coming on the new league and rule changes as we get closer to the start of football season.

Russ Knutson has been talking with Mike Haynes regarding the storage area that will be built under the new bleachers. Boys Club was hoping to have some space under the bleachers to store our equipment and uniforms. Mike Haynes didn’t think it would be a problem for us to have space in that area. Once that happens we will be able to get out stuff out of Bob Williams garage.

Boy Club is looking for any new fund raiser ideas for the kids in football to participate in this coming season to help raise money for the football program. This will be discussed over the summer.

It was agreed upon by the club to have the brat fry again on July 4th during the parade in Pardeeville. More details will be discussed at the next two meetings.

Meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting is set for Wednesday, May 3rd at 6:00pm in Phil Kamrath’s room at the High School.

Submitted by:
Chris Johnson, Secretary