Wednesday, June 27, 2007

June 07 Meeting Minutes

Pardeeville Boys Club Minutes
June 6, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 6:00pm by President, Russ Knutson. Those in attendance were, Russ Knutson, Chris Johnson, Vicki Griepentrog, Shawn Mecuum and Chuck Wais.

Football Updates:

Football pre-weigh In’s we had about 40 boys sign up, it was mainly incoming 4th graders. It was decided to remain in the current league that we have been in. Pardeeville will have a 4th grade team and at this time one 5th -6th grade team. Coaches for the upcoming season will be as Follows:

4th Grade: Joe from Cambria
Steve Ohlin
Shawn Mecuum

5th / 6th Grade: Chuck wais
Mike Ives
Shad Thurston
Randy Schulte

There will be more to come on the football as the season gets closer.

July 4th Brat Fry:

Boys Club will hold its annual Brat Fry again this year At Mike’s Auto on the corner of Main St. & Chestnut St. Vicki Griepentrog to contact Mike and make sure that it is ok that we use his lot that day. Shawn Mecuum is going to get the chips and Pepsi Sign, Russ is going to bring the grill, plastic tubs and brats. Judy is going to get the ice again this year. Vicki is getting the hotdogs, buns and other condiments that will be needed. We are also going to bring any left over t-shirts from the past year and try to sell those. We will set up at 9am and cleaned up shortly after the conclusion of the parade.

Baseball Updates:

Shawn Mecuum updated the Board on the progress of the Baseball Program this year. Currently this year, Shawn didn’t feel there was enough organization to have travel teams. So they are basically playing in the Park & Rec Program with the possibility of the Park & Rec sponsoring each team in a tournament. Shawn & Judy have been in contact with the Portage Youth Little League and the District about re-drawing the boundary lines and having Pardeeville Little League and then us join the Portage program and play our games with them. Shawn mention there was a meeting scheduled in September to look at re-drawing the boundary lines and will update the Boys Club Board once they have more information.

Meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting is set for Wednesday, July 11th at 6:00pm at Russ Knutson’s house.

Submitted by: Chris Johnson, Secretary

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

May 07 meeting minutes

Boys Club Meeting May 2nd

Those in attendance: Russ, Judy, Vicki, Shawn, Chuck and Randy

Spring football weigh-in will be on May 9th at the High School weight room. The time is from 5p-7p. Vicki will bring her scale. Cambria school has been notified and it has also been put in the Bulldog Bark 2 times. Russ will also have it placed in the Portage paper. This is just to get an idea of how many kids we will have and to see if any parents will be interested in coaching.

Shawn Mecum and Chad Hoff went to the football meeting for the current league we are in. There are not going to be any changes made to the 4th-6th grade teams and if we are going to stay in that league then we need to declare our teams by Aug. 19th.
The Dane county league has a fee of $500 to join and after 2 years in the league you get $250 back. They have not yet held their meeting so Shawn did not have much info but will get back to us with that info at the next meeting.

Russ wants us to start thinking of fundraising ideas. Some that came out was the Brat Fry on the 4th of July, Football cards that we did last year, golf outings and 50/10 raffles at the games. Shawn will talk to Dan Slade to see if he would be willing to help with the football cards again.

Gym Floor at the High School:
Russ and Phil are encouraging anyone that wants to go to the school board meetings to out pressure on them to make a decision on getting the floor replaced. If it comes down to it that the school will only pay for half Russ thought that we could probably kick in $2000.00.

Russ is still missing everything from the 4th grade team; Shawn is to talk to Pam Bauer again. We are also still short the 2 from the 8th grade team. If we do not receive them by May 11th then the kids will be charged $60. Judy is to remind Chris to see if she has them or if she can get them from the kids.

Trophy Case:
We have nothing new on that, Randy is going to talk to the MATC shop class in the fall to see if they will build one.

Shawn and Judy met with Connie Kohn to look at uniforms for the tournament teams. What they wanted was going to cost $1302.40. That was for 35 uniforms. They also only wanted to charge the kids $25 to play in the 2-3 tournaments that we can get into. This was voted down as it would be too much out of pocket spending and not enough income for this year. Russ thought that we should charge the kids $50 to play in the tournament this year and then that would include the tournament fees and a t-shirt that the kids can keep. Shawn and Judy will discuss that more and get back to the board on their decision.

Russ brought up the subject of doing scholarships again. He just wants everyone to think about it and we can discuss it more at the next meeting. If we decide to do this, then we need to think about how many scholarships we want to give and for how much.

We were approached by Brad Henke, he wants to start a basketball program that runs during the fall Aug-Nov. We discussed the options but decided that we would not be able to help since that is during the football season. Judy will contact Brad and let him know and if he is willing to help with the Young Bulldogs during the basketball season we would keep him in mind.

Next meeting is June 6th at 6:00p in Phil’s room at the High School.

Submitted by: Judy Thurston – Vice President

April 07 meeting minutes

Those present: Russ Knutson, Vicki Griepentrog, Shawn Mecum, Randy Schulte and Judy Thurston

Russ wrapped up the basketball stuff, advising that he has still not received the equipment from the 4th grade, 5th grade, part of the 7th grade and 2 kids from the 8th grade. Shawn will talk to Pam Bauer about getting the stuff turned in; Vicki will get the 5th grade stuff, Russ to contact Dave Osborne. If the equipment and uniforms are not returned to us we will be sending out bills to cover the cost of new uniforms.

We received the bill from Mark’s Market for the basketball banquet. It was far less than the football banquet.

We discussed the options of moving to the Dane County League for football. The meeting for the current league we are in is Sunday April 15th at 6pm in Sun Prairie. Randy and Shawn stated that they would try to be there to find out what changes were going to take place.

Shawn is going to check into the Dane County League and get some questions answered that we have about that league and get back to us at the May meeting. We will then vote on which league we want to get into for the season.

Russ talked about the league that Rio and Randolph plays in but there are less rules and guidelines so no one thought we should change to that.

Most everyone is pushing to change to the Dane County League just because it is new schools and more teams to play. We also found that no matter what league we go to the teams will be based on grades. There will no longer be a mixed 5th/6th grade team. To get enough kids to play we thought we should actively recruit the kids from Cambria to help with the number of kids on each team.

We will be having the spring football sign-up at the High School weight room on May 9th from 5p-7p. Judy will take care of getting the information to Rita Bortz at the elementary school and Mrs. Pulver at the middle school.

Russ has now been given a key to the storage area to where our equipment is. He just needs a key to the gate and scoreboard before football season starts.

Russ thought we should also contact some of the other teams in the area like Randolph and see if they want to scrimmage prior to the season starting.

Shawn and Judy talked about the Portage Little League meeting that they attended. Portage has agreed to redraw their boundaries for the 2008 season. We will be working closely with the Portage League starting in September to get this all done by the start of next season. For this year we are going to work with the Park & Rec program and just have the kids’ try-out for the tournament teams.

Shawn will take care of contacting Connie Cone about uniforms and we will be able to come back with quotes for the amount it will cost and then we will have to make a decision as to how much we want to charge the families that make the tournament team.

Shawn and Judy are also attending the Wyocena Village meeting to see if we can turn the baseball field there into a Little League field. We are in the process of applying for a grant to help pay for the renovations at that location.

Trophy Case
Randy checked into the prices for a trophy case for the middle school. He found some but they are running about $2000. So he checked with the MATC construction/cabinetry program so see if they will build one for us if we buy the materials. He has not heard back from them but will let us know as soon as he does. This may not be done until the beginning of the school year since it is so close to graduation for MATC. Everyone agreed that would be ok. We are going to have the trophy case be about 4’X5’.

Gym Floor
Russ talked about the proposals he gave the school board at their meeting on March 19th. Many people there agreed that this needs to be done but of course nothing was decided. Russ advised that we should have people continue to go to the school board meetings so they realize how serious the community and parents are about getting this done. The next school board meeting is Monday April 16th at 7pm.

Next Boys Club meeting is May 2nd at 6pm – Phil Kamrath’s room.

Submitted by:
Judy Thurston – Vice President