Monday, June 12, 2006

June 06 Boys Club Meeting Minutes

Pardeeville Boys Club Minutes
June 7, 2006

The meeting was called to order at 6:00pm by President, Russ Knutson. Those in attendance were, Russ Knutson, Judy Thurston, Chris Johnson, Vicky Griepentrog, Shawn Mecuum and Randy Schulte.

Football pre-weigh ins went fine. Members of the Boys Club Board will be contacting the boys that played last year but didn’t sign up to see if they are still interested in playing again this coming season.

Weigh ins this year for football will be mandatory, they just won’t be in Madison. They will be somewhere local; either in Pardeeville or maybe in Portage. We are hoping for 2 dates for weigh ins instead of just one. As we get more information on the weigh ins and how they will work this year we will pass that along to parents.

Russ had two samples of the football pants that we are looking at to purchase. One pant was running about $16.00 each the other was running about $25.00 each. After discussion a motion was made by Randy Schulte to purchase the better pants from Badger Sporting Goods along with the belts and new pads. Russ Knutson seconds the motion. Everyone was in favor of the purchase. Russ will get the pants, belts and pads ordered the cost of everything will be around $2000.00

Russ was also going to talk to Chad Hoff regarding the refurbishing of the football helmets. If need be they will send in up to 20 helmets.

Russ had gotten the final quote on the bleachers for the Middle School Gym from Miller & Associates. The quote was for 2 sets of tip & roll bleachers each 21ft. long and delivered for the price of $2674.00. The quote from Gerber for the same type of bleachers was $3139.00. After some discussion a motion was made by Vicky Griepentrog to purchase 2 sets of tip & roll bleachers from Miller & Associates for the price of $2674.00, pending approval from the School District. Randy Schulte seconds the motion. Everyone was in favor of the purchase.

Randy Schulte volunteered to talk to the School District and get their permission to make the purchase of the bleachers for the Middle School Gym.

We were asked by the Pardeeville Girls Club to look into changing the Young Bulldog Program a little bit. After discussion we agreed to change the Young Bulldog program to 2nd & 3rd graders. The 4th grade would then be considered Club ball only and not part of the Young Bulldog Program. More on this as basketball season gets closer.

July 4th Brat Fry; the parade is on July 4th at 11am, the brat fry will also be that day in the same location as years past, at Mike’s Auto on the Corner of E. Chestnut and Main St. We will start setting up at 9am and start serving as soon as we are ready. We will be serving brats, hotdogs, chips, soda and water. Vicky Griepentrog will be getting the hotdogs and buns. Russ Knutson will take care of getting the brats, soda and water. Judy Thurston is in charge of getting the catsup, mustard, relish, onions and sauerkraut. Shawn Mecuum will get the chips and also the signs. Everyone else will be lending a hand setting up, working and cleanup.

It was decided that the current website that we have is fine for the Club’s needs. We are going to have the monthly minutes posted on the website and would like to have schedules posted there also. The website is

Meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting is set for Wednesday, July 5th at 6:00pm at Russ Knutson’s house.

Submitted by: Chris Johnson, Secretary