Saturday, February 09, 2008

Pardeeville Boys Club Minutes December 2007

The meeting was called to order at 6:00pm by President, Russ Knutson. Those in attendance were, Russ Knutson, Judy Thurston, Chris Johnson, Vicki Griepentrog, Randy Schulte and Shawn Mecum

Basketball Updates:

After taking a year off the Young Bulldog Program is back up and running. Chad Hoff is running the program. We had 11 kids sign up on December 1st with 4 more signing up after that. We feel that this program is off to a great start.

The 5th grade team this is year has 17 boys signed up to play. Pam Bauer has asked that she split the boys into two teams for tournaments. She also was asking for two extra tournaments for the 5th graders. It was approved that she can split the teams as she sees fit and 2 extra tournaments were approved for them. The 5th graders will have 6 tournaments total with one being the Pardeeville tournament on January 27th.

It was discussed to make a $100 donation to the Village of Wyocena for the use of their gym for practices.

Basketball Tournaments:

All games will be played in the high school or middle school gyms. We will not be using the elementary school at all this year. The entry fee for our tournaments will be $125. Russ Knutson has already posted the information on the WisHoops website. We are hoping that the times of the tournaments will run roughly from 9a-3p each day.

Saturday, January 12th – 8th grade – still looking for 1 team
Sunday, January 13th – 7th grade - FULL
Saturday, January 26th – 6th grade – FULL
Sunday, January 27th – 4th & 5th grade – Both FULL

Concessions will be run from the small concession stand this year. We will have a smaller menu this year, hotdogs, BBQ, nachos, pizza, candy, soda, Gatorade and water. Shawn Mecum and Chris Johnson will be working on getting the concession food. We will need parents to help work when their children aren’t playing, also looking at paying a couple of people to work when parents aren’t available.

Russ Knutson is working on getting officials for all of the games. Russ will take care of getting the trophies and medals for the tournaments. There will be trophies for the 6th, 7th & 8th grade tournaments. The 4th & 5th grade tournaments will have medals for all participants.

It was brought to the Boys Club attention that the School is looking to charge a facility use charge to Clubs and Organizations to use the school facility. Russ and Vicki will be looking into what that means for the Boys Club and when this will start.

Meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting is set for Wednesday, January 2nd at 6:00pm at the High School Cafeteria.

Submitted by: Chris Johnson, Secretary

November 2007 meeting minutes

Pardeeville Boys Club Meeting November 7th, 2007

Those in attendance: Russ Knutson, Judy Thurston, Vicki Griepentrog, Chuck Wais, Shawn Mecum and Randy Schulte.

We finished up talking about any football issues that we want to look into next year. Russ stated we should think about getting some new helmets and Chuck thought is would be nice to get some square practice pads. They are easier for the smaller kids to grab onto while practicing. There was talk about requiring all the kids to have practice pants so that the game pants will last longer. It was also brought up that we should try to have equal number of 5th & 6th grade parents as coaches for next year. There will be further discussion on these issues once football comes around again next year.


Basketball sign ups took place during the meeting. We had a good number of people show up. Russ brought a warm up shirt for us to see. They are $25 each and only come in adult sizes. They are blue and gold with the Boys club basketball logo embroidered on the front corner. He also had sample bags made up. The smaller ones are $25 and the larger ones are $31. They will be available of the kids/parents to order.

Young Bulldogs will begin on Dec 1st at the High school. Sign-ups are that morning starting at 7:30am and the first practice is from 8:00-10:00am. The registration fee is $25 and that includes a reversible jersey. Chad Hoff will be running this program this year.

Gym times are very limited right now as the elementary gym is off limits until 12/21 due to the drama clubs lighting and the K-5 Christmas program.

Shawn and Chuck went to the meeting about the basketball league that is trying to be formed. There are going to be 8 teams for 4th grade, 9 teams for 5th grade and 7 teams for 6th grade. Some of the schools that are going to be involved with this are: WI Dells, Portage, Montello, Westfield, Waupun, Rio, Cambria, Randolph, Pardeeville and maybe Poynette. These games will be played on Saturdays and every team is guaranteed 2 games. Each team is going to be required to pay $35 to the home team as they have to provide their own refs. No concessions will be done. Everyone thought is sounded like a good idea to get into as this will give the kids a lot more playing time than just the few tournaments each season. Russ will help take care of finding refs for our games once we know the dates of our home games. We will still pay $15 to each ref per game.

Meeting was adjourned around 7:00pm. Next meeting is Dec 5th at 6:00pm at the High School.

Submitted by: Judy Thurston – Vice President