Thursday, October 25, 2007

October 07 Meeting Minutes

Pardeeville Boys Club Minutes
October 3, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 6:00pm by President, Russ Knutson. Those in attendance were, Russ Knutson, Judy Thurston, Chris Johnson, Vickie Griepentrog, Randy Schulte and Shawn Mecum

Football Updates:

The 2007 Football Banquet will be on Monday, October 29th in the Multi-Purpose Room at the High School. The Banquet will start at 6:00pm. It was agreed to have Mark Market’s as the caterer again this year. Vickie Griepentrog will be contacting Mark’s Market. Players and Coaches will eat free; there will be a small fee for parents and siblings. It was agreed that team pictures will be purchased for the players and handed out at the banquet.

There have been some issues with the League Director not returning e-mails or phone calls regarding questions that we have had on different things. It is possible we may check into changing leagues for next year. There will be more to come on that next summer.

The concession stands have been going great. We have had three so far this season with the last one being on October 20th. Vickie thought we might clear somewhere between $800 to $1000 dollars on the four stands. That is awesome, great job to Vickie for organizing the concessions stands this year and a big THANK YOU to all the board members and parents that have helped out.

There is a good possibility that our last game of the 2007 season will be played on the Varsity Field on October 20th, 4th grade at 10:30am and 5th/6th at 12:15pm. October 20th will also be equipment hand in date. Following each game player will be asked to change in the bathroom and hand in their equipment before they leave that day. Deposit checks will be returned at the banquet or destroyed, whichever the parent prefers.

Football Mania fund raiser: We sold 73 tickets and so far there haven’t been any winners.

Vickie Griepentrog brought up the idea and showed us some samples of newsletters we could mail to parents. She thought it would be a great way to communicate with our parents during the season. We would send out two per season directly to the parent’s home. It would have contact information, important dates, sign up, equipment handout, concession stand information, schedules, etc. in there. That way all parents would know what was happening and when. It was agreed upon by the Board that this was a great idea. Vickie was going to go ahead and get the first one done yet for this football season.


2007-2008 basketball season will be starting soon. Russ Knutson will work with the school and the other groups and get gym time reserved for the Boys Club Teams. Teams can start practicing anytime after November 5th.

Coaches for the upcoming season are as follows:

4th Grade – not sure at this time
5th grade – not sure at this time – Checking with Pam Bauer and Chuck Wais
6th Grade – Tony & Ron Griepentrog
7th Grade – Russ Knutson & Brian Schepp
8th Grade – Dave Osborn & Doug Dredske

Basketball sign ups will be Monday, October 29th following the football banquet in the multi-purpose room and again on November 7th from 6pm – 7pm in the High School Cafeteria.

The cost to play this year will be $60 and a $60 deposit. Each team will have a uniform and warm-up shirt. We have had difficulty in the past getting some of the uniforms returned and since we will be buying warms ups this year for the teams we felt that a deposit you make it easier to get the uniforms back.

Boys Club Basketball Tournaments:

All games will be played in the high school or middle school gyms. We will not be using the elementary school at all this year. The entry fee for our tournaments will be $125. Russ Knutson has already posted the information on the WisHoops website. We are hoping that the times of the tournaments will run roughly from 9a-3p each day.

Saturday, January 12th – 8th grade
Sunday, January 13th – 7th grade
Saturday, January 26th – 6th grade
Sunday, January 27th – 4th & 5th grade

There will be more details on the tournament worked out in the months to come.

Young Bulldogs:

We have an interest again this year in bringing back the Young Bulldog Program. Chad Hoff and Doug Dredske are going to head up the program. It will be available to boys and girls in 2nd & 3rd grade. We are hoping to have sign ups and first practice on Saturday, December 1st. Once Russ Knutson works out the schedule for gym time there will be more exact dates set. The cost to play will be $25 which includes a reversible jersey. There will be more information available on this after the November meeting.

Meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting is set for Wednesday, November 7th at 6:00pm at the High School Cafeteria.

Submitted by: Chris Johnson, Secretary